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03 August 2012 @ 04:05 pm
Hullo my fellow readers, writers and fandomers..

I can't say I've really been missing from LJ this time around, I've just been lurking. It's been one of those stretches of time when I feel like I have nothing to contribute. On the bright side, I may have a new Beta. On the other hand.. I don't think anyone is really waiting on the prompts I started. I think it's my curse to like obscure pairings or ships that don't get much attention.

Also... I need a new layout. Something Avengers-y maybe. Or Spencer Reid-y since Criminal Minds has eaten my brain.

What about you guys? What have you been up to?
19 June 2012 @ 01:43 am
Seeing as I've recently met all kind of wonderful people through the beauty of the NorseKink and AvengerKink memes, I thought I might try and throw this out there.

I am in desperate need of a Beta.

Every day I try and plug away a little at the various prompts I've picked up. While I of course need a hand with any SpAG errors that slip my notice, I also need someone to bounce ideas off of. I'm a spaz. I write endless sentences. I either give my readers too much credit and think them psychic, or I don't give them enough and over-explain. Ideally I need someone with enough time on their hands to talk these kinds of things out.

If this is something you can do.. or maybe you know of someone who fits the bill.. I will be a devoted slave forever.

18 June 2012 @ 04:03 pm
The nicest meme-r in the world just hooked me up with an AO3 invite and now I have an account there! I've made TROLL private on here because I cleaned it up and mashed it together and put it on the archive. Just in case anyone misses it, it is here.
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A continuation of Imperium. Based on this prompt.

Warnings. Stalker behavior.

Loki revels in the distaste that his not-brother has for his bindings. He grins ear to ear when Thor breaks them off of him like so much parchment from a book. Still,grateful though he may be to have the use of his tongue restored to him, there simply isn't the time for a grand old family reunion.

He doesn't hesitate to tell Odin as much.

" Another time Allfather. I fear I have left much unattended to which I must now return. "

Loki gives the gathered royals the courtesy of a deep bow before bending light around himself and disappearing from their gaze. It's back to his secret rifts, the paths between worlds and realms that he so often traveled behind the Gatekeeper's watch.The journey to Earth is an easy one. He arrives unseen and unheard, casting not even a reflection of himself on all those shiny surfaces in Dr. Banner's laboratory. Oh but he does wish to preen, vanity prickling at him in the back of his mind even if he can decipher no cause for it yet.

A beast making play he is still a man. He recalls now his assessment of the fractured scientist who lives in permanent anger and frustration. He revisits that thought, though he feels the knife-twist in his cold broken heart to study their similarities. Like to like. The frost giant making play he was worthy of Asgard's throne; of the Allfather's love.. of Thor.

" Has Fury changed his mind about my room? "

Loki watches the object of his curiosity interact with the lady assassin called Widow, picking apart the threads of their conversation for everything that they're not saying.The art of trading information isn't done with words alone. Most often, words are the cover for the actual exchange. He's always found the language of a person's body to be more honest than what comes from their lips. Green eyes take in the Widow's attempt to act as if there is no secret part of her that still trembles to be so near this man-beast in whose berserker path she was so recently caught; and watches as said man fumbles to keep his eyes everywhere but on the woman and her shape.

" No. You wanna be in the wind, then you're in the wind. Fury just wants you to think about it. "

" Think about it in a cage? "

The assassin reaches the limits of her patience almost too easily and Loki wonders if it's a part of her game, or if she's truly satisfied with her attempt. Curiosity about her however is only a small part of what's on his mind. The Widow can be studied another time. He's more interested in keeping pace with the all but running scientist who stumbles in shock when no one detains him outside. Giddily Loki wonders where they might be off to now.

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Prompt here : I am craving Loki forcibly pinned down and split open with a cock that should destroy him. Instead it is somehow squeezing in as his body accepts it after the violent and forceful fight and pinning process has worn him out and loosened him up through hard wired biological signals.

Don't really care how it happens, but I want Loki to have his wrists pinned, his pants torn open/off and to be made to scream as he is breached all the way into the entrance of his womb. (Or so that the bulge of the cock/fist/toy can be felt from a hand pressed against his flat stomach, whichever.) I really want it described in detail. I want to explore size kink to the limits here- what feels like bursting bands inside- the pain that is tinged with pleasure- the rush of endorphins. No permanent damage please, but have fun.

I would love to see this be Hulk/Loki or Jotun/Loki.

+10 -Loki looses himself in the sensations after he has fought himself out.
+100 -Loki never knew he could feel this way- his mind finally stops whirling and he experiences true heady peace and as he's battered into and his entire body relaxes.
+1000 -Domination is the only way to make his intersexed female organs fertile. Maybe instead of anal, it is vaginal sex with the cock right there?
+Infinity - His vaginal slit has never before even manifested, and he is a virgin there as a result. Pop his cherry with all the pain (and virginal blood) but compounded with this massive cock that just makes him ruined for ever wanting a standard Mortal or God penetrating him again.
+ My Firstborn - It's a long fic and Loki not only gets pregnant, but you explore how this incredibly hot sex changes his views- does he go back to or stay with the sire of his child? Does he kill him (if it's a Jotun) etc etc etc.

Please god, fill this- I am craving it like you would not believe.


It is an easy surrender for Loki after the Hulk has made a rag doll of him. He doesn't fight the manacles that encircle his wrists or struggle against the muzzle they clamp over his mouth. There is no room in him for the concerns of pride or revenge. There exists in him only a confusion so deep that he discovers corners of himself previously unknown. There is an uncomfortable slickness between his thighs, making his leathers stick to his skin and shaming him into quiescence as he's escorted into the middle of the city for the return to Asgard.

If Thor spends time on farewells from his comrades, Loki doesn't know it. There builds in him a warmth that threatens to burn hotter, until the bones of his spine are useless, until his legs no longer hold him up. Deep in his stomach is a clenching sensation, a hunger for something he can not name. Eyes trained on his brother he takes hold of the handle on the cube's container. A trip just now will suit him fine. This will be no Bifrost jump between the realms. He'll have the time he needs to suss out his body's secrets. For how can he be a master of other things if he can not even master construct of his own body?

Already there's an inkling whisper-quiet in the back of his mind that this is some trick of his newly discovered parentage. Jotun biology. It is distasteful to think upon and leaves a sour taste behind his teeth.

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13 June 2012 @ 12:39 am
A short drabble/prologue kind of thing. I was excited to make new friends courtesy of the NorseKink Friending Meme today and I guess it kicked up the ol' Tony muse.

WARNINGS : Eventual slash. Nothing for this part. Relatively safe considering it's coming from me.

For Tony Loki becomes a maddening itch in the space between his suit and his skin; impossible to scratch, not really there, misfiring receptors in his skin sending electricity up the line of his spine to his cerebral cortex in an archaic impulse that serves no purpose.

Scratching causes infections.

He's a thing Tony doesn't want to let go of; obsessive nature out in full force, throbbing at the back of his skull and right between his eyes that Loki is his stuff. Who else is really going to take him apart and figure out the pieces, reverse engineer and repackage the whole thing? (There's that other impulse then, archaic but not so much useless, it's always served Tony well in the past, that need to put his name on things in diva-like displays of ownership. Stark on the tin. That's how you know it's a win.) The Avengers are a team of big guns, but there's only one other brain in the outfit and really.. Bruce Banner is nice and all, but he's no Tony Stark.

It puts a weird tic in his left shoulder to see the would-be king of Earth (no throne remember) shoot off in a pretty blue light with his brother, batting pretty lashes like the gag is all his own idea, bitchy little condescending look to the five, FIVE, people it took to get him in it. He's gone. Other realm. Incalculable (and there's a word he doesn't like), light years away to a place out of the only kind of books that he hates. Myth. Lies. Eat your vegetables, be better than your father, go to bed kind of scare tactic stories. Tony douses the flaring infection with liberal applications of alcohol strong enough to make most men cling to something to keep from spinning off the earth.

It's not his first rodeo, he thinks to himself; Glenlivet in hand, three ice cubes clinking around in his glass. He's got this.
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06 June 2012 @ 11:32 am
Of course it takes me dying of Strep Throat for me to sit still long enough to bring this place back to life. I recently dug up an ancient e-mail for reminiscing purposes and found a handful of reviews from FF.NET.  They were newish reviews on old ass work that makes me cringe in horror. Oh, the bad fic.

So of course, like the dumbass that I am, I got hooked into NorseKink and AvengersKink. I think Kink-Memes are the greatest invention since fandom. I've been lurking about for a while actually, occasionally dropping comments on fic there. Recently though, I noticed that there are more prompts than ever and fewer fills. I thought I'd help out and do some writing. I scooped up a handful of prompts and got to writing. So far everything has at least a start.

No follows.. but, that's my lot in life.. and this is my journal, if I can't whine here, then where?

I am not giving up though. I signed up for an AO3 invite that should arrive in August. I'm going to keep writing and when stuff is done ( cause I hate HATE hate WIPs )  I'll post to the fills list, since someone mentioned that's how people find fic.

In the meantime, I'm dusting this place off and doing some of my work here.
16 April 2011 @ 01:17 am
More Greener Grasses Fic. No warnings. No cussing, no sex, nothing to write home about.

This bit comes from Ebisu's POV. It was a lot about thinking through the change in the man from when we first meet him to when we next see him again. Also, he's one of the few characters at that point in the story who adds an honorific to Kakashi's name. Even though there was little backstory to go on between the two, I felt that just his use of -kun might be something to work with. It's supposed to be a signifier of his relationship to and with Kakashi, we just aren't told what that relationship is. So.. my take on it. I also wanted to tie in a little psychology behind his look in the manga/anime. I feel like he's a bit of a rarity in a universe that's supposed to be about stealth. He looks the part versus some of the rest of the cast. There are a lot of unhidden faces in Konoha, and tons of standard uniforms, so I though it was interesting just how covered up Ebisu was.

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22 January 2011 @ 06:45 pm
Another piece of the Greener Grasses AU. I had thought the fic would remain in the POV's of Naruto and Sasuke, but as I rewatch the episodes relevant to the story there are alot more voices chiming in. This part however is still from Naruto's POV. He's working through the Chuunin exams but also storing up the foundation for what makes him turn on Konoha.

No warnings I can think of this time around.

Fic beneath the cut...Collapse )

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21 January 2011 @ 07:46 am
The next bit of Greener Grasses. A continued re-telling of the Chuunin exams, the forest of death and so on, still with Naruto in Sasuke's shoes and vice versa. This time the chapter is from Naruto's POV.

Warnings: Cussing.

Fic beneath the cut for considerate reasons. [-waves madly at all the people who friended back-]

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